Wedding Flowers 101 

Getting ready for your wedding is a huge undertaking. You’ll be planning your most perfect dress, the floral arrangements for the bridal party and tables, what the bridal party will wear, music, food, and much more. Having a guide to help you shift through the multitudes of useless information and get to the real meat and potatoes of what you need to know can take much of the unnecessary stress off your shoulders, that’s why we’ve chosen to put together a basic guide to wedding flowers.  

Where will you need flowers? 

The first aspect of wedding flowers to consider is where you’re planning to have them. Split the wedding into two sections in your mind, the ceremony and the reception. During the ceremony, it’s a given that you, the bride, will need a stunning bouquet. Consider whether your bridal party will have a single flower each or a whole bouquet each. Will your flower girls have petals to throw or will they also hold a bouquet? Are the groomsmen going to have a boutonnière? If you are having your wedding inside, will there be a floral display? 

If you are having your wedding under an arch, consider having a floral arch. Many professional wedding planners advise going all out with the flowers during the ceremony because it’s the guests’ first impression of the wedding and many of your most important photos will be taken at this stage.  

Secondly, the reception. The most important thing to think about with regards to the reception is the wedding flowers for the tables. You need to decide whether you will be providing arrangements at all the tables, or even having multiple arrangements per table. The bride and groom’s table is also super important. If you are having a winter wedding, we’d highly recommend that you choose the protea and rose table arrangement from Netflorist. It’s absolutely stunning.  

Choose the type of flowers 

Speaking of proteas, they are quickly rising in popularity. You can choose from an array of different kinds of proteas and protea arrangements. If you’d like to have a better visual of what a wedding filled to the brim with protea bouquets and table arrangements could look like, have a look at the extensive collection that Netflorist offers.  

Garden roses are also a crowd favourite, as usual. The difference between garden roses and normal roses is that the garden variety has a higher petal count making them look fuller and lusher. Roses are also great because they come in a large variety of colours, making them a great fit for any colour scheme. One of our favourite rose colours to pair with natural and light wedding colour palettes is the peach rose, have a look at this stunning peach coloured rose bouquet.  

Other flowers to choose from are carnations, dahlias, orchids, daisies, or even a mix of different varieties of flowers. Whatever combination of flowers you choose or where you choose to put them, Netflorist is the perfect place to find the right flowers at the right prices.