Types of flowers to use for gifts 

Whether they are the gift on their own or accompanying a main gift, flowers are one of the most effortless yet beautiful things to give and receive. From house warmings, to birthday parties – the diverse range of flower options available make them fit for any occasion. Here are the best types of flowers you should use for gifts. 


Signifiers of love, tulips are a classic option that will complement any interior space. Tulips come in a variety of colours including red, white, and purple – so you can also think about which colour the receiver will like the most. Seeing as their bulbs are so lovely even when closed, they may last longer than flowers that have already opened. On average, they last between 5 and 12 days in a vase. Note that they need to be topped up with water quite regularly! 


The timeless nature of roses makes them a classic gift that will never go out of style. Furthermore, it isn’t uncommon to give someone a single rose, especially if the rose is accompanying something else, like a chocolate. However, you can never go wrong with a bouquet. Their colour palette includes white, yellow, shades of purple, pink, orange, and blood red. While red roses are indeed a stunning and traditional option for a partner – if you’d like to be different, then go for a more unusual colour, like patchy white and pink. You could also look for a bouquet that has a variety of colours – or buy two small bouquets and mix them! 


Gardenias are another elegant classic. Although they also come in a small variety of colours, white is the most popular. A bonus is that they give off a wonderful scent. Thus, you are gifting someone not only a beautiful bouquet to look at, but a lovely smell for their home or office space too. 


Sunflowers are definitely more unique, and great to gift to friends, as they aren’t obvious signifiers of love. Impactful on their own or in a small bouquet, the bright yellow of a sunflower can add light and warmth to any space. Just remember, sunflowers stand out! While some people may love this, others may prefer a more classic option that blends into an interior space more gently. 


Lilies are popular for a reason. Their unique, intricate colourways make them captivating. While different colours may hold different meanings, lilies generally represent purity, rebirth, and devotion, making them a great option for a baby shower or loved one. They are also tied to the meaning of good luck! 

While certain meanings may have been mentioned for different flower types, remember that all flowers are uniquely exquisite and can be appreciated by anybody, regardless of the reason or event you are buying them for. 


Last but never least, proteas are local treasures. Go dark for a more adventurous gift, or red and pink for a more conservative option. King proteas make such a statement that they can be gifted as a single stem in a narrow vase.